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hot and fresh out the kitchen.


pick a character (or don't - but this gives me free reign and idk if anyone signed up for that).
find a prompt - pictures, quotes, lyrics, songs, any combination thereof (or don't, just bust in with a starter).
a thread will happen.
rinse, repeat.
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[ she doesn't know what she's doing.

more elaborately, she does know what she's doing. it's obvious, and plainly put, cavorting around with a man that she knows. someone at home would be proud, she thinks (home, but it's not really, and would carolyn be proud or fascinated is the real question at hand). it's simple. uncomplicated. and as desperately as she wants to, victoria so rarely lets herself feel something, lest it be a lie like the rest of everything -

and maybe that's what frightens her. maybe it's something else.

she lies silently, back flat on the mattress as she stares up at the ceiling fan rotating above her. she holds the blankets to her chest as she swallows hard and sits up, shuffling away.

I should go.
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[ He hasn't, for whatever it's worse, put a foot false so far. He's been kind, he's been good. (Maybe he looks at her a little too long, sometimes, but — he's earned that, hasn't he? Playing along — slow dances, holding her hand, shit that you think of when you think typical romance. Flowers. Little things.)

There's something exciting about playing the long game (he still calls it a game, even though what he feels every time he looks at her gets closer and closer to what he'd felt for Elizabeth), even if it gets frustrating that he can't just—

—well, that's a story for another time.

He reaches out when she shifts, his hand closing (not too tightly) around her wrist.

Hey— hey. What's wrong?
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Nothing's wrong.

[ she keeps her eyes focused forward, now to the brushstrokes still visible in the paint on the walls, and a frown creases across her face. her arm tightens under his grasp, and nothing's wrong. but it does nothing to untie the knots in her stomach and everything is wrong, isn't it?

she doesn't know. she almost catches an answer, but it's fleeting, in her mind and gone the instant when she blinks, and she can't get it back.

it's not the commitment that scares her, but it is - in a place like this where nothing is certain, where they can be gone as quickly as they appeared. it isn't a safety net she should look for in a place where she should be scaling the walls in an attempt to leave. this isn't attachment. this isn't family. this is settling.

I'm worried.