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① leave a blank comment.
② pick a character. put them in the subject line.
③ receive pictures.
④ do the thread.
⑤ rinse and repeat.
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[ it takes him a long moment to respond, because this wasn't exactly the turn he was expecting the conversation to make, and so suddenly. that doesn't mean he's not open to the idea. cooper has his demons - some more literal than others - but that doesn't mean they're completely off the table for discussion. keeping things bottled up only makes it burrow deeper, which is part of why he's visiting with allison today. granted, it's absolutely for her sake, and not his, but still. ]

A few more things than two, [ he says, almost casually. he takes another sip of coffee. ] Keep going.
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[ Allison wrinkles her mouth in an apologetic smile and grimace. Bad form, she thinks, but at least she's finally opening up about it after keeping everything vacuum sealed for far too long. Normally, she bursts into tears - a sign of weakness - but at this moment, she simply takes a sip of her Double R Diner coffee. ]

The Nogitsune, in Japanese mythology, is a chaotic trickster spirit who relies on riddles.
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The Nogitsune. [ he repeats the word, pondering it for a long moment before he shakes his head. ] There's something I can't say I'm familiar with.

[ not that japanese mythology is really his area of expertise, but he likes to think he knows the basics. matching her sip with one of his own, he keeps listening. ] But keep going.
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I wasn't either, until recently. [ She gestures to her torso, where the outline of a heavy bandage can be seen through her sweater. ]

It was dormant until World War II and the woman who revived the Nogitsune buried it in our town. I ... [ God, how does she even begin to talk about the surrogate sacrifices? That will have to come later. She breathes in the coffee for a moment. ] Darkness woke the him up again and he took our friend Stiles as a host.
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[ it doesn't take him long to put two and two together - or, at least, to make an educated guess about what's going on. or, rather, what happened. there's a flicker to the bandage before he frowns. ]

And he hurt you, didn't he?