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① leave a blank comment.
② pick a character. put them in the subject line.
③ receive pictures.
④ do the thread.
⑤ rinse and repeat.
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( it's official: roger smith confirmed for uncool notdad for the lowest caliber. )

Roger, extend your hands. ( she extends hers a little further for emphasis, the movement accompanied by her usual mechanical whir. almost in afterthought: ) — Close your eyes.

( she is going somewhere with this. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. )
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Dorothy, this is preposterous. Can't you see - [ but he sighs. his shoulders droop, even as he manages to sit up straighter. he's trying to relax. that doesn't mean he's going to get very far with it, clearly.

he does listen, closing his eyes and lifting his hands like a good little negotiator. and then whatever it is takes a second too long, and he lifts one of his eyelids to inspect whatever it is that's happening.
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( she glares daggers at him — giant icy daggers with tips dipped in the poison of disappointment — and she knows he can see it, or else she wouldn't be glaring in the first place.

not so fast, big boy.

There is no point to this exercise if you do not close your eyes.
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[ he wasn't expecting to be caught, but maybe roger wasn't expecting a lot of things. he grumbles something incoherent - after a moment of surprise at being called out - and finally listens to her. he settles back against the sofa, arms extended, eyes closed. ]