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⑤ rinse and repeat.
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[ ariel isn't exactly used to these whole leg things yet. she's got a voice, and that's all well and good, but it's diminished slightly when she can't quite get her balance or her sense of speed. it's difficult and strange having her bottom half not moving as one entity - so many more bones and muscles and what do you mean she's not supposed to wiggle her toes at all times?

clearly, the best option for a girl who doesn't quite know how to walk yet is to climb the stairs of that super tall lighthouse. she doesn't know about the rumors or the supposed hauntings or why it's absolutely soaked on the inside, but she's trying to make a mad dash up the stairs.

until she falls.

that screech isn't a ghost, moritz. it's just ariel having no clue about anything.
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[ He's busy admiring the view outside when that scream shakes him - honestly, it would make his hair stand on end if it wasn't sticking up already.

As superstitious as he is, especially after watching far too many ghost hunting specials in the dark of his room instead of trying to sleep because sleeping is hard, Moritz really has to see what's going on. That noise sounded far too human to be some phantom haunting the halls of the lighthouse.

He hurries up the rocks, through the open door and up the stairs.

H-hey! You - who's -- are you okay?
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[ though she doesn't know what she's apologizing for as she scrambles up from the puddle that she landed in - only to slip again just before she finds her footing. this is amazing. this is just what she thought walking along the beach would be like. it's super great. ]

Nobody told me it was going to be so slippery.

[ she does manage to climb to her feet. somehow. she grips the wall for support, and manages to stand completely still. well. as still as she can. ] There. See? Easy enough.
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You don't have to -

[ Apologize. But then again, Moritz is always apologizing for things he hasn't even done. His arms jerk out every so often in some haphazard attempt to catch her, even if he doubts that he'd be of any help considering he can hardly control his own limbs, and he's had all of them for his entire life. ]

It rained the other day.

[ A helpful fact. ]

You're - you're alright?
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I'm Ariel. [ sort of a correction, sort of a misunderstanding of what he meant. she gathers up control of her legs (nearly. finally) and cautiously steps around the puddle, peering at it with a mixed expression. she's not entirely sure how she feels about her natural habitat turning against her like that. but she walks around it in a wide circle and comes to stop right in front of him, beaming. ] And I'm okay.
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No, I mean, I didn't mean - okay. [ There's no point in correcting her, really. ] I'm...

[ Moritz trails off, watching her - or rather, gapping at her because there's something very odd about the way she carries herself. There's something odd about the way he carries himself, but that's because he lacks any sort of poise and never knows what to do with himself. He blinks at Ariel for a few seconds too many. ] Oh, I'm Moritz. Hullo.
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Moritz. [ there's a tilt of her head and a sort of excited look in her eyes, because really, she's not used to humans in general, despite the fact that she became one for another one. ] Where'd you get that name?