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[With Zelena dealt with and things back in their proper place- well. Perhaps not proper. They were, after all, still back in Storybrooke and not their home realm, though Gold could scarcely say he minded. The Enchanted Forest held few good memories- what he had to hold onto was here in this land.

But the point is, things had settled. Everything was routine again. There were fewer mishaps, of course, which meant the shop remained mostly devoid of patrons and Gold was content with that. It meant he and Belle could spend plenty of time in the backroom.

(No, not like that.)

It had been an idle thought- one Belle had likely hoped would be picked up on, if he knew her. And at first he'd deigned to ignore it, because the concept was frightening and dangerous, but magic is both those things and more in the hands of someone who has never had any practical experience. Among other reasons.

So one day, during one of her visits to the shop, he led her to the backroom where he'd shoved enough things around to make a space big enough to work in.]

I've been... giving it some thought. [He murmurs, sheepishly.] And perhaps you ought to start learning magic.