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( it was cold in the stairwell.

not that it ever was otherwise during this time of year, but this was the first observation that dawned on dorothy after she had rehabilitated from her first ever (and hopefully last ever) negotiation tailgate, where she had experienced her first ever (and hopefully last ever) bout of brainwashing at the hands of mr. beck. this was all following her first ever (and hopefully last ever) kidnapping, which had come as a result of her first ever —

— well, there was a common theme to the recent events in dorothy's life.

a common color palette, too. it was growing dark; the first traces of winter unfolding outside. not even pausing to take in the dusk through the bow windows across the second floor stairwell, dorothy started down the stairs - step by step - aiming for the spaces between the balusters with her duster proper. from her vantage point, she could see norman talking to roger on the first floor, and she could hear roger grunting a noncommittal reply to whatever that was said. something to do with dinner, most likely. 8:30pm, sharp. never a minute more, never a minute less.

setting her duster by her feet, dorothy places her hands on the rail and redoubles her stare at roger from his open study room. humans could not refocus their senses so much as to perceive things directly out of their line-of-sight... at least, not immediately. how long would it take him to notice he was being watched? would he ever notice he was being watched? if he did not notice, was that a critical failure on part of a professional negotiator, who was supposed to be especially sensitive to these kinds of things?

thirty seconds. she'll give him thirty seconds.
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[ to his credit, he doe realize he's being watched, somewhere within that thirty second timeframe. she interrupts his thoughts, it seems - some introspective monologue cut short with a record scratch as he turns around quickly, something of a gasp going unvoiced, even as there's a flicker of his eyes going wide.

when he sees who it is, however, he merely chuckles, brushing it off lightly, as though nothing had happened. nothing to betray his apparent calmness. and it's not that there's anything to be afraid of, really. no apparent threats, no kidnappings, no brainwashing, and so on and so forth. perhaps that's what sets him on edge, the fact that there' nothing to concern himself with - and roger isn't the type to go searching for cases, lest he miss the ones that conveniently fall into his lap.

Hasn't anybody told you not to stare, Dorothy?

[ surely he thought they were past the human etiquette stage, sardonic remarks aside. he turns away from her again, idly flipping over one of the hourglasses on his desk. ]
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( ...actually, no. never. not even once. given her penchant for staring (observing, if she had any say against his strong choice of words) the answer probably wouldn't surprise him in the slightest, assuming this question wasn't meant to be rhetorical — doubtful, really.

but if they question was rhetorical, and he already had an answer, then asking anyway was wasted effort. why? sometimes, only sometimes, roger was impossible to read.

Do you think it's rude? ( staring and asking questions, two of dorothy's favorite labors of love. if his answer was no, she'll assume a tacit clearance to proceed as usual. if his answer was yes... clearance to proceed as usual. point being, his answer didn't really matter. rhetorical questions. she can play his game, too. )
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[ the question catches him off-guard, more so than the staring in general did, and he starts, barely saving himself from running into his desk by choosing to lean against it instead. this time, he stares back at her.

it's strange. sometimes - more frequently than he'll admit - he believes he can see human impulses in her. human motivations. a human mind and a human capacity in general, and then -

and then she's staring at him over the banister, all mechanics and doll eyes. roger isn't afraid of dorothy, quite the contrary, but there are times that she'll never cease to be a conundrum.

he chuckles, brushing off the atmosphere.
] Typically, a man doesn't like to find that he's being watched in his own home.
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And in contrast, a woman would expect... and enjoy to find she is being stared at in her own home.

( this is not an agreed addendum.

nor is it a subtle accusation, though it probably might have been coming from anyone else, especially from a woman appearing to lack a tenth of roger smith's body weight, but having ten times the strength to move it around with. rather, it's an thinly-veiled prompt — as if she somehow lacked the capacity the get properly annoyed over it. her fingers don't move from their place on the handrails. she doesn't move in general.
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That's not what I meant.

[ he stares up at her from his place down in his study before breaking it, moving to sit on the sofa across the way, propping his left foot up on his knee while he relaxes. lovely. another study in human mannerisms. roger was beginning to think that perhaps they were over, a distant memory similar to the racket of the piano. ]

People consider their homes places where they can feel safe and unguarded. Startling them isn't just rude, it's unwarranted. [ or, he's just entitled. ] It's a basic concept, Dorothy.
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( basic concepts. suddenly, dorothy remembers standing behind a couple in the rain not too long ago, overhearing enthusiastic whispers about a treat and a "peepshow". she wouldn't know. )

It took you approximately sixteen seconds to turn around. ( the unfortunate part is not so much that he took so (relatively) long, it's that her message may very well fly over roger's head in favor of a much more startling fact... she was counting. her intended point still stands: feeling safe and being safe were poles apart, sometimes drastically so. if she wanted to startle him... who knows, she may have thrown the duster at the back of roger's head. he best consider himself lucky on that front. ) I would reconsider what you mean by unguarded, Roger.

( finally, she sets down for the bottom floor, footfalls rivaling that of a metronome in metric beat. leave it to dorothy to make a simple advisement sound like something straight out of a taped recording of a pre-mariticide quarrel. )
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[ it doesn't go over his head. not entirely. admittedly, the fact hits him after the perceived shot at his reflexes, but when he does realize that she counted, he pauses. stares, however rude it is. no, she's not a threat, and no, he doesn't take her as one, but still. the fact remains. humanity, and all of that.

he watches as she sets off down the stairs, and says,
] I knew you didn't come all this way just to watch.
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( she arrives eventually — and really, one has to wonder if somewhere during the trip she hasn't cursed the futility of constructing (and maintaining) such an elaborate staircase when there was an elevator handy. and when she does, she makes purposeful strides towards roger, his office, stopping close.

it seems, for a moment, that dorothy opted to ignore his comment. but he was right, after all — she didn't come all this way just to watch him flip hourglasses and scratch the same spot on the back of his neck five times in three minutes. (yes, she's counting this, too. not that roger ever has to know.) dorothy holds out her arms, in a manner that evokes patty cake games fit for a schoolyard... or it's undoubtedly more hardcore cousin, slapsies.

she's waiting.
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[ he looks up at her from his place on the sofa with an expression that can only be described as utterly and completely bewildered. half-offended. that one look that roger gets when he doesn't understand something. there's a knit of his jaw and a grit of his teeth before he rolls his eyes and looks away from her. ] What are you doing now?

[ touchy. apparently. touchy and delivered like some sort of aggravated parent, not an employer who drapes everything in black to present a facade of class. ]
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( it's official: roger smith confirmed for uncool notdad for the lowest caliber. )

Roger, extend your hands. ( she extends hers a little further for emphasis, the movement accompanied by her usual mechanical whir. almost in afterthought: ) — Close your eyes.

( she is going somewhere with this. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. )
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Dorothy, this is preposterous. Can't you see - [ but he sighs. his shoulders droop, even as he manages to sit up straighter. he's trying to relax. that doesn't mean he's going to get very far with it, clearly.

he does listen, closing his eyes and lifting his hands like a good little negotiator. and then whatever it is takes a second too long, and he lifts one of his eyelids to inspect whatever it is that's happening.
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( she glares daggers at him — giant icy daggers with tips dipped in the poison of disappointment — and she knows he can see it, or else she wouldn't be glaring in the first place.

not so fast, big boy.

There is no point to this exercise if you do not close your eyes.
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[ he wasn't expecting to be caught, but maybe roger wasn't expecting a lot of things. he grumbles something incoherent - after a moment of surprise at being called out - and finally listens to her. he settles back against the sofa, arms extended, eyes closed. ]