industria: s3 (➸ snigger)
ALLISON ARGENT ([personal profile] industria) wrote in [community profile] pictureshows 2014-04-25 02:56 am (UTC)

[ Spring break and Allison is out of Beacon Hills for a bit. She's driven up the coast and has ended up among the trees, sitting across a diner table with a fresh cup of coffee set out before her. ]

Did you say this was the best?

[ A smile pulls at her lips. She knows. She just wants to clarify. Life is a mess. Not that it's any better up north, but she does appreciate finally meeting someone outside of her bubble who knows about what she has been going through recently.

She survived the fall. She is alive and that's what matters. It only makes her more driven to really live and accomplish what she set out to do.

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