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moritz stiefel ([personal profile] itched) wrote in [community profile] pictureshows 2014-04-23 04:57 am (UTC)

[ It's summertime and the Stiefels have somehow managed a trip to the beach. Moritz is glad because a) they never go on vacation and b) he doesn't have to suffer through his father breathing down his neck for a full day. He didn't even suggest bringing Moritz's supplementary summer coursework and that's just grand.

The palest, scrawniest guy on the beach makes his way along the coastline, barefooted and too chicken to even pull his shirt off to swim. He needs to work up the courage.

There's a lighthouse over there that he's curious to explore. Or, rather, stand outside awkwardly. The rumors say that it's haunted, but he just thinks it's old and unused and he wants to know what it looks like from the top, overlooking the sea and watching the boats come in.

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